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Netgear Extender Not Working? Here’s the Fix

At times, after using the Netgear extender for a long time, it stops working. It doesn’t connect or if connected, it doesn’t provide you internet access. It can happen due to various reasons. Maybe your router is causing the issue or it can be due to Netgear WiFi range extender itself. Whatever the reason, here you will get the ultimate solution to the Netgear extender not working issue. Let’s dive in.

Why is My Netgear WiFi Extender Not Working?

To resolve the Netgear extender stopped working issue, you first need to know the reason behind it so that you can find the correct remedy for it. Let’s have a look at the major reasons why your Netgear extender not working:

  • Any of the antennas, ports, or internal hardware of your extender is faulty or damaged.
  • The antennas are not properly connected to your Netgear wireless extender.
  • Your Netgear extender is placed in WiFi dead zones.
  • The wall socket in which the extender is plugged in is faulty.
  • A damaged power cable can also result in Netgear WiFi extender not connecting to the router issue.
  • Improper or partial Netgear extender setup.
  • You are using an outdated firmware on your WiFi range extender.
  • Your WiFi router is not connected to the internet.
  • On the off chance, if there is any compatibility issue between your router and WiFi extender, you will get a non-working extender. The factors that cause a compatibility issue include the network band supported by your router and the extender version you are using.
  • The failed firmware update also makes your Netgear WiFi extender not working.
  • In case there is any interference in the path of WiFi signals of your extender, you will get an error message saying Netgear WiFi extender not connecting to the internet.

Hopefully, you now know the answer to ‘why is my Netgear extender not working’ query. Let’s make you familiar with the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue within minutes.

Resolved: Netgear WiFi Range Extender Not Working

Go through the steps given below to get rid of the issue:

  1. Get started with the extender placement. Place your Netgear wireless range extender to a central location in your house or office.
  2. Use only an updated web browser version to access mywifiext for your extender.
  3. Power-cycle your WiFi extender. To do so, unplug your extender and then plug it back in after some time.
  4. Never place your range extender nearby metal objects such as aluminum studs and metallic doors.
  5. Verify whether your extender is receiving proper power supply or not.
  6. Keep the interference-creating devices at a certain distance away from your WiFi extender. Such devices are microwaves, refrigerators, treadmills, Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, and then some.
  7. Update your Netgear WiFi extender’s firmware properly. To know how to update Netgear firmware, click here.
  8. In case your Netgear extender not connecting to the router, use a wired connection to connect your WiFi extender to the home router.
  9. Ensure to set up and install your WiFi range extender properly.
Note: If you come across any type of issue while installing your extender, contact our highly-experienced technicians for instant help.
  1. Check the LED lights on your WiFi range extender. All lights should be stable.
  2. Don’t use a damaged AC power outlet to plug in your extender.
  3. Placing the extender nearby water resources like fish tanks can also make your Netgear extender not working. So, keep your WiFi extender away from such items.
  4. Reset your Netgear WiFi extender to the default factory settings by clicking here.
  5. Check if the Ethernet cable you used doesn’t have any cuts.
  6. In case you have a number of WiFi devices in your home, turn off all the devices that are not in use. This is because if all the devices are connected to the WiFi network simultaneously, you may experience signal strength issues.

That’s all! In this manner, you can easily get rid of the ‘Netgear extender not working’ issue.