By Kayla Ellis |

How to Connect iRobot to WiFi: A Start to Finish Guide

The advent of home robots has made our life easy. The biggest thanks to iRobot whoich develops robotic vacuum cleaners that detect walls and items in an establishment and clean debris and other things. They are becoming smarter day by day. But, their smartness will sulk around in the corner of the house if you don’t know how to connect iRobot to WiFi. After all, a WiFi connection is all they need to get all the chores done. This blog will explain everything related to the setup process of an iRobot. It means right from the physical setup, we will shed light on the naming process of the iRobot. To make things easier for you, we have taken Roomba as iRobot and the Netgear extender as the network to which you wish to connect your iRobot to.

Key Points to Take Care of

You need to download the iRobot HOME application on your mobile phone.

If the app is already installed, visit the app store to ensure that you are utilizing the latest version of the application for the best experience.

The app works best with iOS 15 or up and Android 9.0 and higher.

iPads do not support the iRobot setup. Thus, do not use them to connect iRobot to WiFi.

How to Connect iRobot to WiFi?

Step 1: Setup

Place the Home Base Charging base station on a level surface that lies in an area free of WiFi interference. Also, the chosen spot is located near your main router or gateway. Here, it is the Netgear extender. Connect the power cable and observe the small light from the base. You should notice a few indicators to ensure that the robot is charging. To ensure that same, note that the light ring will swirl white, Home Base LED will light up white for 4 seconds, and the robot will make a tone notifying you that it is fully awake. To wake up the iRobot, you just need to press the Clean button.

Step 2: Verify if iRobot Supports 5GHz Or Not

This is to inform you that some robot models do not support the 5GHz frequency. Thus, you will have to connect to the 2.4GHz network. So, if you have installed a dual-band Netgear extender via, you will be able to connect the iRobot to the 2.4GHz WiFi only. Before connecting, you need to verify that your iRobot supports the use of the 5GHz frequency or not.

Step 3: Turn On the Bluetooth

The iRobot app uses Bluetooth to set up and connect your robot to your WiFi extender. Therefore, if you haven’t turned on the Bluetooth yet, you should do it right out of the gate. You might also be asked to enable location services. Know that this is a security feature that activates while Bluetooth is activated. Its main purpose is to ensure that the Bluetooth iRobot can be easily detected during the connection with WiFi network.

Step 4: Add the Product

You must know that the app supports multiple iRobot products. Therefore, you need to add the robot you own to the app and make things possible. For this, you have to tap the 3 lines in the upper left corner of the screen and open the Menu. Tap “Add Your Product”. You will now be asked whether you wish to add Roomba or Braava. Once you select the desired robot, you will be greeted by the instructions to connect that specific robot to the WiFi network.

Step 5: Connect iRobot to WiFi of Your Wish

The iRobot app will display the name of the WiFi network to which you have connected your mobile device. For example, if your mobile phone is connected to Netgear extender, the network displayed will be Netgear_ext. You need to now confirm that this is the network to which you want to connect your iRobot to. Once done, you should enter the correct WiFi password. In case no password is needed, you should check the box and select Continue.

Step 6: Activate Your iRobot and Name It

Lastly, you are required to activate your iRobot. This is to inform you that after you connect your robot to the WiFi network, its internal WiFi network will be turned on for easier detection as per its location. From here, you need to follow the on-screen instructions so that your mobile phone can locate the robot and you will be able to adjust and control its actions via the mobile app. The setup process completes and you can now give it a personal name. Name it as per your wish and save it.

The Conclusion

That’s all about how to connect iRobot to WiFi. We hope that after following the instructions that we have discussed here, you will be able to complete the connection process very easily. Just in case your robot is not found, you are supposed to reboot the iRobot by pressing and holding the Clean button. The light ring will turn white and spin clockwise for 10-20 seconds. You can also try force closing and reopening the app. After that, you can start the setup process once again.