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Netgear WiFi Extender Keeps Disconnecting? Let’s Resolve!

Although Netgear WiFi range extender is a superb device to get high-speed internet connection throughout the home or office, yet it is susceptible to technical problems. The most common issue users experience with their Netgear extender is that it keeps disconnecting. If you are also in the same boat, here is a rescue plan for you. This post will walk you through some proven troubleshooting tips to fix the ‘Netgear WiFi extender keeps disconnecting’ issue.

Why Does My WiFi Extender Keep Disconnecting?

Before delving into the troubleshooting tips, let’s have a look at a few reasons why your WiFi extender keeps disconnecting:

  • Improper placement of your Netgear extender
  • Outdated firmware version
  • You are connected to the wrong WiFi network
  • Partial installation of your wireless extender

Without further ado, let’s get the ‘Netgear WiFi extender keeps dropping connection’ issue fixed.

Troubleshooting: Netgear Extender Keeps Disconnecting

Basic Troubleshooting Tip: Make sure that you have installed your Netgear WiFi range extender properly via mywifiext local web address.

1. Relocate Your Netgear WiFi Extender

The operating range of your WiFi connection significantly depends on the physical placement of your Netgear extender. For optimal results, place your WiFi range extender:

  • In a central area of your home or office.
  • Near to an AC power outlet.
  • Away from electronic devices like Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, refrigerators, home security systems, etc.
  • At a certain distance away from concrete walls, fish tanks, mirrors, glasses, and ceiling fans.
  • Far away from large metal surfaces such as aluminum studs and solid metal doors.

Following the same, the extender’s WiFi signals will not get any interference resulting in resolving the ‘WiFi extender keeps disconnecting’ issue.

2. Connect to the Correct WiFi Network

Once installed, the Netgear range extender offers a new, extended WiFi network. And to our surprise, this network has different SSID instead of the previous one. Possibilities are you have connected all your WiFi devices to the earlier network name rather than the new one. So, make sure to connect your WiFi-enabled devices to the new wireless network extended by your Netgear extender.

You can monitor the devices connected to your Netgear extender by accessing the admin dashboard via IP address. If your devices are connected to the right network, you will see them in the list of connected devices.

3. Power-cycle Your Extender

Sometimes, a simple power-cycling can resolve major technical issues with your WiFi extender. Here’s how to power-cycle your Netgear WiFi range extender:

  • Power off your Netgear range extender.
  • Disconnect all its cable connections.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Plugin your extender to an AC power outlet.
  • Turn it on.
Quick Tip: Make sure that your Netgear extender is receiving fluctuation-free power supply from the electrical socket.

Once done, check if the ‘Netgear range extender keeps disconnecting’ issue has been fixed or not. If not, continue reading and take the next troubleshooting step into consideration.

4. Update Your Extender’s Firmware

Ensure to use the latest firmware version on your Netgear WiFi range extender. Otherwise, you may bump into WiFi connectivity issues. So, check whether your extender is running its latest version or not. If not, update the Netgear firmware right away.

If you are unfamiliar with the process of updating the Netgear extender’s firmware, click here to know the complete steps.

So, these were some of the best ways to fix the ‘Netgear extender keeps disconnecting’ issue. However, if you are still facing the same issue, feel free to reach out to our highly-experienced technicians for a quick resolution.