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SSID Not Appearing During Netgear AX1600 Setup. Help!

I just purchased an AX1600 WiFi range extender from Netgear. I planned to use it to boost the WiFi signals of my Xfinity router. I hardwired both devices. But, for some reasons, the SSID of the extender is not appearing on the WiFi network list during Netgear AX1600 setup. The problem still exists if I try to set up the range extender using some different device. Tried numerous methods, checked the lights on the router, but to no avail. What’s the problem due to which I’m not able to see AX1600 extender’s SSID.

Why is the SSID Not Appearing While Netgear AX1600 Setup?

The SSID of your Netgear AX1600 range extender might be failing to appear on the WiFi list of your client devices because you are not using client devices within the extender’s signal range. This must be known to you that the WiFi name i.e. the SSID of your WiFi range extender will not show up on the network list of your device if it is placed outside its signal range.


Thus, without waiting for anything, consider getting in the range of the extender. Just make sure that you are not staying too close to your range extender. This can create a situation of miscommunication and the setup process via the login URL is likely to fail. However, you should not delay taking the crucial step of implementing the hacks highlighted below if the SSID of your range extender is still not showing up for the setup process.

Fixed: SSID Not Appearing for Netgear AX1600 Setup

  • Power Cycle/Reboot the Extender: Have you ever thought about the harm that technical glitches can do to the entire home network? Well, this is what you are experiencing right now. Perhaps, your range extender is not able to broadcast its SSID due to a technical glitch. Thus, we suggest you restart the range extender. For this, you need to disconnect your Netgear AX1600 range extender from its corresponding wall socket. Wait for a few minutes and connect the extender back to its respective wall outlet.

Is Your Extender Experiencing Signal Interference?

This might sound silly. But, you should check the surrounding of your extender. Is it suffocating? No, we don’t mean that. All we want to make sure is that you have not placed your range extender in such a congested area that it is struggling to propagate its WiFi signals. Just in case you find that the AC1600 extender is placed near televisions, microwave ovens, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, etc., you should immediately change its location. And yes, be sure to consider aquariums and metal objects. They also tend to cause WiFi signal interference.

  • Check the Power Supply: Did you check the wall socket before plugging your range extender into it? Well, this should have been your first step during the Netgear AX1600 setup. How can you expect your range extender to broadcast its signals when it is not getting a proper power supply? Check the wall socket immediately. Using a damaged socket for powering up the range extender can force it to get stuck in a reboot loop. If the socket is found damaged, you are suggested to connect the extender to another power socket.


  • Reset the Extender: This might prove as a sub-step in the troubleshooting process. There are chances that after you powered up the range extender for the Netgear AX1600, you accidentally pressed numerous buttons due to which the SSID failed to appear on the network list of the client devices. So, you should look forward to reset the extender immediately. Resetting the extender actually does not require much effort. Simply, grab a paper clip or pin and check all sides of the extender. You have to look for the button labeled Reset. Once found, press it using the chosen object. Your extender will reset.

After you reset the extender, it will become ready for the Netgear AX1600 setup process again. In case you have forgotten about the installation process of your extender, the highlights given in the next section will help you recall the same.

How to Set Up Netgear AX1600 Extender?

To set up the AX1600 range extender, you need to hardwire it to the router and then switch on both devices. After waiting for two minutes, you need to connect your computer to the SSID of your extender that might have appeared after the reset process. Once done, visit (mywifiext.local, if you have a Mac) and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the extender after choosing the network that you wish to extend (here, the one that belongs to the Xfinity router).

The Concluding Words

If you are unable to see the SSID of your extender during the Netgear AX1600 setup process, then panicking won’t do anything for you. But, addressing the issue will surely do the job. We are not anticipating that the techniques given here will make it possible for you to complete the installation process of your range extender.