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Mynetgear Portal Forgot Password – Reset Netgear Password is the Netgear account URL that can be used to access any Netgear device’s web GUI. Be it a Netgear range extender or a WiFi router, you can tweak the settings of your device with the help of this single login URL. Not only this, but you can also manage your NetgearMeural Canvas and Orbi mesh system through the same URL.But, have you ever thought about the situation where you forget the Netgear account password? In that case, managing the device will become an impossible task. With that being said, this guide has been penned down. Here, you will learn how to reset the admin password through the official Netgear portal i.e. through the mynetgear portal forgot password window.

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Your Netgear device must be registered if you want to access it via It means you the instructions given here will apply to those users who have a Netgear account. If you have forgotten the admin password of your extender, then you are left with the only option of resetting it.

How to Recover Mynetgear Portal Forgot Password?

Before you start the process of resetting the Netgear account password, we suggest you ensure strong internet access. Thereafter, start following the steps given below:

forgot password

  • Open an updated internet browser on your PC. Let us say Chrome.
  • As soon as the browser becomes ready, visit will see a login window.
  • There, you will be asked to input the email ID and password using which you have created NETGEAR ACCOUNT.
  • Now, that you have forgotten the password of your account, you are suggested to click the FORGOT PASSWORD option.
  • The window labeled “NETGEAR FORGOT PASSWORD” will show up.If the window does not appear, type into the address bar of a new tab.
  • Input the valid email address into the given space.
  • Verify the captcha ensuring the web browser that you’re not a robot.
  • The RESET PASSWORD link will be highlighted. Click it.
  • You will get a VERIFICATION CODE on the email address entered by you.
  • Copy the code and enter it in the window asking for the same.
  • Now, enter the NEW PASSWORD into the given fields.
  • Click the Submit option.
  • You’ve successfully reset the password through mynetgear portal forgot password window.

This is how you can reset your Netgear account password. Now, if you want to complete the Netgear extender login process for your extender, you can use the new password for the same.

OTP Can also be Used to Access Netgear Account

You can also log in to your Netgear account using the One-time password (OTP). Here are the steps you need to follow:

netgear account

  • Click the “LOGIN WITH ONE-TIME PASSWORD” link.
  • A new window asking for an emailID will show up.
  • Input the address and verify the reCAPTCHA.
  • You will receive an OTP on the registered email.
  • Complete the login process through OTP.

Just in case you are not in favor of using any kind of OTP, you will have to reset the password using the instructions highlighted in the previous section. However, there are are few things to remember while you go about the process.

Things to Remember While Resetting Netgear Account Password

Here’s a list of points that you should keep in mind before you attempt to access the mynetgear portal forgot password window and reset the Netgear account password:

resetting password

  • Your web browser must be free of cache.
  • Do not input the incorrect email address. Else, you won’t be able to reset the Netgear Account password.
  • The Netgear account URL must be entered into the address bar of the web browser.

Hopefully, after taking care of the aforementioned points, you will successfully be able to reset the Netgear password. Now, for your knowledge, we are highlighting the process to access the device through the URL.

How to Use Netgear Account After Resetting Password?

  • On an updated internet browser, visit as you did earlier.
  • Has the login window appeared? If yes, then input the registered email ID
  • The next step is to enter the new password of your Netgear account.
  • Click the NETGEAR Sign-In button.
  • You will soon be accessing your Netgear account.

The Bottom Line

Now, the time has come that we wind up everything related to the process of resetting the Netgear account password through the mynetgear portal forgot password portal. Here, you learned the entire process of resetting the password without any errors. Apart from this, you went through the process of logging in using OTP. Now, all we can do is hope that you will be able to complete the login process successfully.