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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Login to Netgear Genie App

Netgear Genie is a special mobile application developed to help users with the Netgear WiFi extender and router management. Although the app has been refurbished as the Netgear Nighthawk app, some WiFi routers and extenders are manageable via the older version of the app i.e.Netgear Genie apponly. That is why some users can be still witnessed using the Genie app. The process of logging in to the app and managing the network device is a simple process. But, 67% of users get stuck while completing this task. That is whyin this blog, we will try to make you familiar with the reasons due to which you can’t login to Netgear Genie app. So, keep reading.

Why You Can’t Login to Netgear Genie App?

This section discusses all the major and minor reasons why you are not able to log in to your WiFi router or extender with the help of the Genie mobile application. But, before you make the decision to walk through them and implement any troubleshooting tactic, it is advised that you verify whether your device is compatible with the app or not. A few examples of Netgear devices that can be easily accessed through the Genie mobile app are Ac1450, JNR1010, JR6150, R6050, R6100, R6700v1, WNDRMAC, WNDR4300, and similar WiFi routers. Apart from this, a few DSL modems and gateways are also manageable via the Genie app.

In case, your WiFi device does not fall under the category of gadgets manageable through the Genie app, you can quit troubleshooting and use the updated version i.e. Netgear Nighthawk app. If your WiFi router or gateway supports the use of the Genie application, you can walk through the below-mentioned points to make yourself familiar with the reasons causing the problem.

i) You are Using Incorrect Credentials

When it comes to logging in to a networking device through any platform (mobile app or web interface), the login password and username are the keys to reaching the BASIC Home screen. One wrong entry and you won’t be able to complete the login process. Chances are that you are not entering the correct login details. Therefore, re-enter them and be very careful this time. And, do not forget that the admin details of Netgear devices are case-sensitive.

ii) The Netgear Genie App is Outdated

There is also a possibility that the Netgear Genie mobile app version you are using is outdated. Know that the Genie app functions in similarity to the other mobile applications. In other words, it starts acting out when it gets outdated. So, you are required to make your way to the app store of your device right away and see if the app is demanding an update. In case the Genie mobile app is found outdated, install its latest and most stable version on your phone.

iii)You Have Accessed the Wrong Network

The third reason why you can’t login to Netgear Genie app is that your mobile is connected to the wrong WiFi network. FYI, you can use the Genie app on random networks only if you’ve enabled remote management on your Netgear devices. In other words, you won’t be able to use the Genie application through mobile data or a WiFi network that doesn’t belong to your Netgear device. Therefore, you are required to turn off the cellular data and connect the mobile phone to the Netgear device network.

iv)The App is Full of Cache

As mentioned earlier, the Genie app behaves similarly to other mobile applications; there are chances that the app is filled with cache due to which you are not getting logged in. To do away with the problem, you are suggested to erase the app cache. You can do so by navigating to the Settings section of your mobile phone and selecting the Genie app. This is to inform you that when the app version gets cached, it keeps using the previously used data for device management which is not a good thing in technical terms.

v)The App is Not Installed Properly

You might also get issues while logging in to your Netgear device through the Genie mobile app if the app is not installed properly. So, you are suggested to re-install the app. But, before you do that, uninstall the app by long-tapping its icon. After that, select the Uninstall option and wait. Lastly, navigate to the respective app store of your mobile phone and search for the Genie app. Be very sure to choose the latest stable version of the app and do not make the mistake of downloading the app from any third-party source.

To Sum Up

Here ends the list of the top 5 reasons due to which you can’t login to Netgear Genie app and also our post. Now, we expect that the problem you were facing while managing the Netgear device through the app is fixed. So, don’t wait and make changes to your WiFi devices the way you fancy.

However, if you are still unable to complete the Netgear Genie login process, reboot your mobile phone and try again. You’ll surely get success!