By Kayla Ellis |

4 Reasons Why Netgear EX7700 Keeps Dropping WiFi Signal

We’ve been using a Netgear EX7700 WiFi range extender for over a year and it was working perfectly. But, the tables turned and we started facing signal problems with the extender. Tried multiple resets, but it didn’t help. Relocated it with respect to the router’s position, but still got nothing in hand. What to do now? Are there any possible fixes?

The answer to the question is YES. But, you reading this post is a sign that you are experiencing similar issues while using the range extender. Although this blog will focus on troubleshooting the issue in relation to the Nighthawk EX700 WiFi extender, you can use the tips mentioned here for other extender models too.

But, before we begin, you need to be informed about the fact that the troubleshooting process might require you to access mywifiext and make amendments to the extender’s settings. Not only this, but you might also be asked to get up and change the location of the extender. With that said, be ready and read on.

First Things First: Update the EX7700 Firmware

There are times when the device fails to work aptly due to the lack of a firmware update. Since it was mentioned in the very beginning that the extender was working fine for 1 year, there is a possibility that you haven’t updated the firmware till then. You should go for a firmware update to get things fixed.

Installing the latest firmware version on the range extender will demand you to access the administration panel either with the help of the mywifiext login URL or through the default IP. Whichever login address you choose, make sure that you upload the correct firmware file on the Netgear EX7700 extender. Otherwise, you will end up inviting more problems than you are already struggling with. Besides, be certain that you do not interrupt the firmware update process by doing unnecessary activities like playing games or switching tabs on a web browser.

Causes: Netgear EX7700 Keeps Dropping WiFi Signal

If it wasn’t a pending firmware update, then some other reasons might be causing the WiFi range extender’s signals to drop. Have a look at the points mentioned below to know about them:

1. Fluctuation in Power: What will you call an electronic device that is receiving no power? A box. Isn’t it? Well, your EX7700 range extender might have become one because of the lack of sufficient power. Know that power fluctuation is one of the potential causes why a range extender keeps dropping signal. Therefore, you need to ensure zero power fluctuation. You can make it possible by connecting the extender to a working socket and using a UPS in case of excessive outages.

2. Extender’s Improper Location: The time has come for you to make some more amendments with respect to the location of your range extender. If it is placed near heavy electrical appliances or objects that carry a large amount of water, relocate it right now. Furthermore, do not make the mistake of placing the extender near a thick concrete wall or in a corner. If you do so, then signal errors will keep occurring. Apart from this, ensure that your Netgear EX7700 range extender always stays within the main gateway’s range.

3. Damaged Cable Connections: If the cable connecting your Netgear wireless extender and the main gateway i.e. router is damaged, then WiFi signals may drop. Thus, keeping a check on the same is always recommended. You are supposed to replace the cable with a new one if the current one is faulty. Moreover, you need to connect the cable firmly. If you do not do so, network fluctuations will continue to trouble you.

4. Excessive Network Traffic: Heavy traffic on your range extender’s WiFi network can also force WiFi signals to drop. Thus, you are required to log in to the extender again via the mywifiext address or IP and check if any unauthorized user has gained access to your range extender’s WiFi network. If yes, then kick it off right away. Moreover, connect only those devices that require internet access 24/7.

Summing Up

With that, we’ve now reached the end of the discussion. You learned that updating the firmware can help you fix the dropping signals of the range extender. Just in case a firmware update fails to resolve the issue, you can rely on other hacks like ensuring a stable power supply, replacing a damaged Ethernet cable, etc.

If you do not want to face such problems in the future, then it is suggested that you power cycle the range extender on a regular basis. It keeps the device away from unexpected network errors.