By Kayla Ellis |

What is Netgear Extender IP Address? How to Use It?

Known for delivering unmatchable WiFi performance, Netgear range extenders don’t need an introduction today. After setting their devices up via the Netgear extender IP address or web address, users can turn the dead zones in their houses into fun zones. Since the usage of the default web address depends on the OS of the device being used to manage or set up the extender, users opt for the IP address. But, it has been found that some users are unable to set up their devices via the IP address because of their unfamiliarity with the same. What is the Netgear IP address and how to use it? This blog is all about that. Just walk through the information given here carefully and use the extender’s IP to manage the home network.

What is Netgear Extender IP Address?

As mentioned earlier that users can set up or manage their extenders via the web or IP address, one can use the extender’s IP as the substitute for the default URL. Generally, Netgear range extenders can be accessed via the IP address. However, some models have different IPs. Therefore, you are required to check the product’s user manual before putting the IP address to use. Just in case you’ve lost the user manual, then you’re left with no option other than accessing the web-based management utility of the host router and verifying the IP address of your extender. You can do this by referring to the list of devices connected to the router.

Now that you are familiar with what the Netgear extender IP address is and where to find it, it is time to make you learn about the process of using it. Refer to the instructions provided in the next section and know how to use the extender’s IP address correctly.

How to Use Netgear Extender IP Address?

I. Switch On Your Computer/Laptop

In order to access the IP address of your extender to set up the device or manage the home network, consider switching on your computer or laptop first. You need to make it access the extender’s network using the Netgear_ext login info. No matter whether you’ve used a computer or laptop, be certain that it is flaunting the latest software version.

II. Run an Internet Browser

Secondly, pull up an internet browser of your liking. You are free to use any browser like Safari, Chrome, or Edge. However, the chosen one must run on the recent version and should not carry cache and cookies. If it does, you can erase unnecessary files by moving to the browser’s settings section.

III. Use Netgear Extender IP Address

The next step is to put the extender’s default IP address to use. But, do you know where? Well, as soon as the browser gets ready to use, you are required to make your way to the address bar. After reaching there, type the IP address of the range extender and hit Enter. If you see the admin window of the extender, it means you’ve got success with the process.

This is how you can use the IP address of your wireless range extender. However, that’s not enough. On the login window of the extender, you are supposed to enter the admin info. If you’ve accessed the IP for the sake of setting up the extender, put the default password and username to use. FYI, they can be easily located in the extender’s user manual. However, if you’ve accessed the Netgear extender IP address to manage the home network, consider using the new password and username. It is because during the setup process, every user is suggested to modify the default admin details and we assume that you followed the same. After logging in to the extender, you are free to do whatever you want to do with the home network settings.

In a Nutshell

That’s all about the IP address of a Netgear range extender. We hope that you’ve now learned the process of accessing it successfully. However, if you ever get stuck with the Netgear extender IP address not working issue, consider checking the connection you’ve established between the range extender and the host router.

For your information, the strength of the connection between your WiFi devices determines the chances of your success with the process of accessing the extender’s IP address. If you’ve connected your devices using a wireless source, then ensure that they are separated by a safe distance. In case it is an Ethernet cable that is holding your devices together, then ensure that it is in a well-working condition and is connected to the correct ports of your WiFi devices. You can get in touch with our professionals if you want to know more about the IP address of your range extender.