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Orbi Admin Console Locked? Let’s Fix it

Netgear Orbi and Mesh Wi-Fi routers help you connect to the internet without any hassle. For this to happen you must keep the Orbi firmware updated at all times. Netgear released the firmware update which was a game changer. But, it lead to the orbi admin console locked issue for millions of Orbi owners around the world. Do you want to know what this issue is and how you can remain away from it? The information below will help you do that.

First, let us start by understanding what this update is about. Firmware Update – A Brief Intro

April 27, 2022 is when networking device manufacturer Netgear released the firmware update. Judging by its features, this update was going to be a game-changer when it came to seamless internet connectivity and security.

Some of the impressive features of this firmware update were:

  1. Support for Smart Parental Controls
  2. Removal of Remote Management from router web interface
  3. DHCP Option 60 & 61 support for ISP and IPTV connectivity

Besides this, the Netgear Orbi would also get loaded with protection against:

  1. Netgear Armor activation issue
  2. DNS Timeout issue
  3. SPC activation issue
  4. Fixed issues where phantom satellite appeared in the device list
  5. Fixed issues when Orbi satellite displayed random solid blue LED light
  6. Fixed issues with access issue when DoH (DNS over HTTPS) enabled

The update would help you browse the internet without any hassle. These features ensured you had the best experience with the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi device. Unfortunately, it became popular as a bad orbi firmware update. Want to know what led to this issue?

Cause of Orbi Firmware Update Locked Admin Console

It did not matter whether you had the Orbi RHS750 or RBR750, the firmware update did come with some impressive security features. What it did was lock out users from accessing the Netgear Orbi admin console.

The orbi admin console locked issue meant you would not be able to access the router’s internal settings. You would not be able to make changes to the configuration of the router. In the long term, your Orbi device and the home or office network are vulnerable to cyberattacks and data thefts.

The catch here is you can access the internet as the device did respond to pinging. But, what good would come from browsing the internet if your network or Orbi device are not secure? Put simply, your Orbi device will suffer from downloading a bad orbi firmware update file.

But, it was not that Netgear did not take note of the situation. On 13th May 2022 Netgear made statement.

Netgear’s Response

Representatives from the company shared that Netgear is working on a solution to resolve th issue that came after users downloaded the firmware update. The company was aware of the Firmware update locked Orbi Admin Console issue that did not let users access admin console through the Orbi app or web interface.

The sad news is every Orbi user would have to wait for the official solution to be made public by Netgear. Are you tired of waiting for the update to come out? We might have the solution for you.

Tips to Handle Orbi Admin Console is Not Accessible Issue

The tips given below can help you get rid of this issue and update the Netgear Orbi firmware with ease.

Web Browser

No matter whether you use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari always use a web browser with the latest version. Get rid of all the previous browsing history, junk, and cache files. These files are the real culprit that interfere when you try to perform the Netgear Orbi firmware update. Deleting these files will help you access the router’s admin console with ease.

Signal Interference

Never keep your Netgear Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi router near to solid walls or in cabinets. Doing this interrupts the smooth communication between the router and modem. It creates issues when you try to update the router firmware.

Make sure you maintain sufficient distance between the router and:

  1. Cordless phones
  2. Mirrors and metal objects
  3. Washing machines
  4. Television
  5. Radio
  6. Baby monitors
  7. Microwaves
  8. Bluetooth devices

Internet Connectivity

There should never be a network-related issue from your ISPs end. Make sure to resolve any such issue as that can lead to the orbi admin console locked problem.

The tips above will help you connect the Orbi device to the network without any hassle. But, if you still face orbi admin console locked issue then get in contact with our tech support experts.