By Kayla Ellis |

Netgear AC1900 Extender EX6400v2 Light Stays Orange?

The light on your Netgear AC1900 extender EX6400v2 might be showing the color orange because of an improper internet connection. Therefore, you should have a thorough look at all the factors related to internet connection. For your information, the source of internet for the EX6400v2 extender is its host router. If the connection between them is weak, you won’t be able to stay connected to the internet for a longer period. Hence, the orange light shows up. Now, there are two media through which a Netgear extender and its host router share a connection i.e. wireless medium and a wired one (Ethernet cable). Below, we have provided the ways to mend the extender-router connection. You can use the technique depending on the source used by you.

Firstly, Mend the Extender-Router Connection

Wireless Medium: If your Netgear AC1900 extender and the main router are sharing a wireless connection, then it is important to keep them close to each other. An ideal distance of 8ft is recommended for the same. You can reduce this distance if there are too many hindrances present in the path of communication of your WiFi devices. Furthermore, do not make this distance zero. Otherwise, instead of getting rid of the orange light on your EX6400v2 extender, you will end up inviting other issues to your table. Wondering why? This is because the WiFi signals of your devices will clash.

Wired Medium: When we talk about the wired medium, we refer to the Ethernet cable connection placed between two networking devices (here, the EX6400v2 extender and router). Are you sure that you’ve created a finger-tight connection? No? Well, strengthen the connection right now! Apart from this, examine the entire length of the cable and check if there are cuts on its periphery. If yes, then you should use a new LAN cable as its substitute. The final thing you need to verify in relation to the extender-router link is the connectivity of the cable to the correct ports of your WiFi devices. Check out the user manual to know what ports should be in use.

After implementing the required workaround on the connection between your extender and router, check if the orange light is still there. What happened? No positive results? Well, you have to invest some more time troubleshooting the issue. To know how to get the problem resolved now, move to the upcoming section.

Fixed: Netgear AC1900 Extender EX6400v2 is Orange

1. Go for the Power Cycle

Now, the time has come to opt for the most versatile technique. You can go for it if you are facing the Netgear Genie login issues too. Confused? We are talking about the power cycling process. You might know it by the name – rebooting or restarting. The process is known to resolve technical glitches that serve as major troublemakers when it comes to causing Netgear extender-related issues.

So, without wasting a second, switch off your Netgear AC1900 extender and disconnect it from the power outlet. You also have the liberty of disengaging the extender-router connection (if connected via cable). Once done, let your range extender rest for 30 minutes. If possible, try to power off the home router. Lastly, connect the extender and router. Thereafter, power up your router, and then the EX6400v2 range extender. Is your extender still glowing orange? If yes, then you are suggested to go for a factory reset.

2. Factory Reset the Extender

Factory resetting is recommended when every hack fails to help the user. It can be considered the universal hack because it resolves all the major and minor issues related to a networking device. Thus, you should not wait to reset your EX6400v2 range extender back to its default factory settings.

Simply, ensure that your WiFi extender is powered on and press the Reset button located on its rear panel. But, know that finding and pressing the Reset button is not an easy task. It is generally located inside a hole with the Reset label. You are suggested to press it with the help of a paper clip or an oil pin for at least 15 seconds. Your Nighthawk AC1900 extender EX6400v2 will start running on the default factory settings. Install it once again.

To Sum Up

From the above discussion, it is clear that the orange light on the Netgear AC1900 extender EX6400v2 indicates a problem related to the internet connection. Since we’ve listed various hacks to troubleshoot the same, it is expected that you will be able to have a smoother networking experience with your extender after following the tips.