By Reynold Gibson |

How to Backup and Restore Netgear Extender?

There can be an array of reasons you need to factory reset or restore Netgear extender. Maybe your extender is not connecting to the internet, or you’ve updated the latest firmware and it’s causing a problem with your WiFi device’s functionality. But, note that resetting your device to factory settings will erase all the settings made by you and you have to again configure settings at the time of re-configuring your extender.

If you don’t want to mess with the same process again, then (luckily!) there is a solution Back up Settings! Using the feature, you can create back up of all the current settings before commencing the reset process.

You can save the backup file on your computer and restore it after re-configuring your device. If you are not a pro and can’t back up settings without help, worry not! This post covers step-by-step instructions on how to backup and restore settings of Netgear WiFi range extender.

Backup Netgear Extender

To back up the settings of your device, first you need to log in to your extender. You can do this by following the steps below:

  • Launch a web browser on your computer and access the Netgear extender login page via
  • Entering the web address in the address bar will ask you to fill your username and password in the given fields.
  • Do as asked and you will land on the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard.
  • Navigate to Settings > Other > Other Settings
  • Here, locate the Backup button.
  • Click on it to save the current settings of your Netgear extender.

Note: You can save the backup settings on your computer with the name of your choice and at your preferred destination.

Now, you can reset your WiFi device without worrying about any extender settings loses.

We hope that you reset your device.

If you don’t know how to reset Netgear extender, then click here to know the complete steps.

The next time you turn the extender on, you will have to again walk through the initial setup process as your extender has become a new device after reset.

Moving on, we hope you will reconfigure your extender by accessing new extender setup login page.

Once you are done with the setup of your extender, you can restore the backup settings from the location you backed it up. Let’s now guide you on how to restore settings.

Restore Netgear Extender Settings

For restoring the settings of your extender, you need to navigate to the same Other Settings option by logging in to your extender. You can log in to your extender via or

  • Once there, locate the Restore button resting there.
  • Click on Browser option.
  • Head towards the location where you saved the backup file earlier.
  • Select the backup file and click the Restore button.
  • You will be asked to confirm the restore of the settings.
  • Confirm the same by hitting Yes.
  • As soon as you hit the button, your Netgear extender will upload the backup file and restore all the settings.

We hope that following the steps above, you would be able to backup and restore the settings of your extender without any hassle.