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Connected to WiFi But No Internet? Fix It In 5 Minutes!

It is often a baffling and irritating situation when you are connected to WiFi but keep getting a no internet access error. Internet – a term around which our whole world revolves, isn’t it? Being suddenly offline seems like someone has dropped a bombshell on you. But you don’t need to panic at all as you reached the right post! Here, we will take every lid off from some proven hacks to resolve the ‘connected to WiFi but no internet access’ issue in just 5 minutes.

All set? Let’s get the ball rolling!

Basic Checkpoints

Before you delve into the advanced troubleshooting ways to fix WiFi connected but no internet access issues, we recommend you to check some key points mentioned underneath:

Only One Device Can’t Connect to WiFi?

Is it your laptop that is connected to WiFi but showing no internet error? Try connecting other devices to the internet as well and see if they are working properly. Grab your smartphone or another computer and connect it to your WiFi network. If the internet is properly working on that device, it means the issue lies with your laptop.

But if you are seeing connected to WiFi but no internet access error on your smartphone and other devices as well, then you have to apply some advanced troubleshooting hacks to fix the issue.

Fix: Connected to WiFi But No Internet Access

1. Check Your Router and Modem

Oh no! WiFi connected but no internet – what to do? Relax! The internet may not be working because of the technical issues with your router. Also, any issue with the WiFi adapter’s driver may also result in no internet access error.

So, reboot your home WiFi router as well as the modem once and try connecting to the internet again.

2. Set up Your WiFi Extender Correctly

Incomplete or partial Netgear WiFi extender setup is another reason why you are facing ‘can connect to WiFi but no internet’ error. Perhaps there is slow internet connection, improper extender placement, or incorrect login credentials – all such issues lead you to the partial extender setup. Thus you see your device connected to WiFi but no internet.

So, make sure that you install and configure your wireless range extender properly. You can also take our experts’ help while setting up your extender.

3. Turn Off Your Antivirus

Sometimes, antivirus programs may be a culprit behind no internet access issue on your device. Try to temporarily turn off antivirus and see whether you have internet access. In the event that the ‘connected to WiFi but no internet connection’ error is still there even after disabling antivirus programs, move to the next troubleshooting hack.

4. Check Your Extender’s Placement

On the off chance if your WiFi connection is not working, the wireless interference can be the culprit. Maybe your extender is placed near electrical gadgets, metal objects, or reflexive surfaces, e.g. microwaves, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, mirrors, glasses, aluminum studs, metal doors, electronic garage openers, etc.

Such devices interfere with the WiFi signals coming from your extender and leave you with a dropping internet connection. Therefore, make sure to keep your range extender far away from such devices.

5. Update Your Extender’s Firmware

If nothing resolves the connected to WiFi but no internet connection issue for you, consider updating your extender’s firmware. Outdated firmware versions cause your internet connection to drop. So, make sure that your extender is running on the latest firmware version. If not, update your WiFi extender firmware via the Netgear genie setup page.

So, these were some of the proven hacks to get rid of the ‘connected to WiFi but no internet’ issue. If you are still struggling with the same issue, don’t hesitate to contact our highly-experienced technicians.