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Are You Setting Up Netgear Booster? Let’s Help!

WiFi boosters arrive as a blessing for those who are unable to access the internet in every corner of their houses due to their routers’ less coverage. Taking into account the same concern, Netgear has also launched its WiFi boosters in the market. Within a short span, these boosters have gained a lot of users due to their marvelous features. But, accessing their features demand setting them up. Are you also setting up Netgear booster in your house? If yes, then this blog is what you were searching for. Here, we have highlighted all the necessary information required to install a Netgear WiFi booster in the house.

Before Setting up Netgear Booster

Installing a Netgear booster will become a piece of cake for you if you get access to the info and things mentioned below:

  1. An already configured WiFi access point (router)
  2. Your Netgear booster’s factory set information (username, password, and default URL)
  3. Any device flaunting the latest OS version
  4. A socket for powering up your Netgear booster and an Ethernet cable for connecting it to AP

Have you completed the aforesaid prerequisites? Well, that’s great! Now, take the assistance of the following sections and learn the complete procedure for setting up Netgear booster.

Basic Preparations for Setting Up Netgear Booster

To set up your Netgear booster, you have to go through a series of steps. Before walking through them, you have to do some preparations. Let’s tell you about them.

Unbox Your Netgear Booster

Whether you purchase a brand-new TV or a Netgear booster, unboxing is the first thing that needs to be done. Unboxing the Netgear booster means taking out everything you received with your device. This includes your WiFi booster unit, an Ethernet cable, a power cord (with some models), and a user manual.

Decide the Booster’s Location

The next thing for setting up Netgear booster is the selection of an appropriate location. Wondering why? Well, it will determine the rate of success of the setup process. We would like to inform you that there are a few elements that tend to affect the propagation of the signals boosted by your device. To name a few electromagnetic waves emitting gadgets, reflexive surfaces, metal objects, and water-carrying objects can stop the Netgear booster’s WiFi signals from traveling throughout the house. Once your booster is given an ideal location, you can power it up with the aid of an electrical outlet.

Steps for Setting Up Netgear Booster

After you’re done with the basic preparations for setting up Netgear booster, you can refer to the steps mentioned below:

Connect Your Booster to Access Point

The moment your Netgear booster starts receiving a sufficient power supply you will notice that its lights have become stable. It is a message to make the next move i.e. to establish a connection between the booster and access point (router). Don’t have any idea about how to do the same? Well, the Ethernet cable that you received with the WiFi booster will come to your aid. All you have to do is insert its ends into the Ethernet ports of your Netgear booster and the host access point. You also have the right to choose a wireless connection. To know about the application of wireless source for the booster-router connection, contact our experts.


Step number 2 in line for setting up Netgear booster is to visit It needs to be done via a web browser. So, switch on your computer or laptop and load your favorite browser. The elite list of browsers includes Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc. After that, you have to input the web address into the address field and hit Enter. But, know that won’t be accessible on Safari. In that case, you need to proceed with the mywifiext.local web address that will help you complete this stage of reaching the Netgear extender setup wizard.

Log in to Your Netgear Booster

As soon as you successfully visit or mywifiext.local, you’ll be able to see the login window of your Netgear WiFi booster. There, enter the default information (username and password) of the booster and hit Log In. Execution of this step will lead you to the Netgear Genie dashboard. Well, this is the last stage of setting up Netgear booster. It requires you to give a shot to the instructions showing up on the screen with utmost care. Once you do that, the setup process will be done.

Excellent! You’ve just installed your Netgear WiFi booster. Now, it is time to harness its wonderful features which are gigabit speeds for all devices, expansive coverage, efficient WiFi network, smart roaming, and much more.

Summing Up

The entire blog based on the aim of setting up Netgear booster has now reached its conclusion. You learned the steps to install your WiFi booster. Not only this, but we also helped you know basic requirements and pre-setup procedures. We hope that the post will prove to be a success with respect to Netgear booster setup. However, don’t be shy if you need any help setting up your Netgear booster. Our experts will always be there for you